What to Pack

A good preparation of Beijing tour is a guarantee for your pleasant travel. Here is some advice for you to pack:
  • Passport and all necessary visas
  • Airline tickets / train tickets
  • Wallet, credit cards, traveler’s checks and another smaller wallet with some change
  • A small first-aid kit for some emergencies
  • Comfortable and suitable clothes for seasons and the destinations you plan to travel
  • Camera to take your travel photos
  • Rain-proof tools such as umbrella or raincoat as well as tools against sunburn light including sunglasses and suncream
  • A converter and an adapter plug (the AC power standard in mainland China and Hong Kong is 220 volt/50 cycles)
  • Insect repellent is necessary especially when your destinations including some mountainous areas

About luggage
The main principle to pack is ensuring your luggage light. Please keep in mind that the weight of the check-in luggage is regulated as follow:
  • To the traveler with fist class ticket, the maximum weight of luggage is 40 kilometers (88 pounds) per person
  • To the traveler with business class ticket, the maximum weight of luggage is 30 kilograms (66pounds) per person
  • To the traveler with economy class ticket, the maximum weight of luggage is 20 kilograms (44 pounds) per person
We suggest your single check in bag should not have dimensions exceeding 76 x 46 x 26 cm (or 30 x 18 x 10 inches). A penalty from airlines might apply for check-in bag weight exceeding the above ones. Please note that airlines have restrictions on the size of the hand carry luggage, the total dimensions are measured by adding together the depth, height and length of the bag, which is:
115cm = 56cm (L) + 36cm (H) + 23cm (D)
Note: the above regulations mainly apply to domestic flights. Those of the international flights vary from airlines to airlines. These are usually endorsed on the air ticket.