Money & Currency Issue in China

The Chinese currency is Renminbi issued by the state bank, the People's Bank of China. The unit of Renminbi is yuan and its fractional currency is jiao. One yuan equals ten jiao. The paper money is divided into yuan and jiao. Renminbi coins include yuan, five jiao and one jiao. The nominal value of yuan is divided into 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100. The nominal value of jiao is one, two, five jiao. The abridged form of Renminbi is RMB
Tips on Identifying Authentic Paper Money
We teach you to identify the authentic RMB from some facets:
Close Hearing: when being shivered or pulled, the authentic RMB will make a ringing sound.
Hand Touch: You can use you finger to touch the uneven places of the authentic RMB, such as the portrait.
Using Apparatus: You can take examination apparatuses to check about the paper money you received from others. There are usually apparatuses to examine the fake money in such spots.