Credit Cards & ATM Service

Credit Cards are very convenient when you travel in Beijing. Hotels with ratings of three or more stars, major shopping centers and retailers and large restaurants and supermarkets in these cities accept Foreign-based credit cards when you pay the bill. While in some remote places and some mall cities, credit cards are not widely accepted, and you may be asked to use cash. 
When you travel aboard, ATM is a comparatively convenient service for you on the currency matter. But all banks limit the amount you can withdraw, which is between 1000 and 3000 RMB per transaction and the surcharge of each withdrawal is about $8 to $11.
Some tips for using ATMs:
1. When you use ATM, you should look around and make sure that strangers are standing at least 1m away from you.
2. When you enter your password, use a hand to shut other of seeing what numbers you type.
3. If some accident happens when using the machine, e.g. your card being swallowed, don't trust the contact number posted nearby the machine. You should dial the customer service number of your card. And remember not to give your password.
4. You'd better withdraw money in the daytime; in the nighttime some bright spots are better.