How to change my foreign currency in beijing?

Firstly, before your sightseeing in Beijing, your foreign currency should be converted into Chinese currency. Bank of China branches in air ports can provide this service for you. Besides, those superior hotels, restaurants and some shops which run the foreign business may also help you to change foreign currency.
Secondly, you can get the foreign exchange rate information on the board which may hang on the hall of banks. The exchanging rate is published by the Bank of China. You also can know what foreign currency can be changed from it. Generally, the foreign currency that can be exchanged includes foreign credit cards, traveler cheques, and cash, including US dollars, pounds Sterling, Euros, Japanese Yen and dollars from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong Macau & Taiwan among others.
Thirdly, when you are going to undertaking you currency exchanging process, you should present you passports at the counters. Some self-service machines are also available in some banks, such as Bank of China and China Minsheng Bank, shopping malls and others. Whatever, the voucher paper should be retained safely in order to redeem the surplus Chinese currency when back to your country.