What are Beijing cuisines?

Beijing cuisines can be consisted of the Muslim cuisine, the imperial court cuisine and the Tan jia cuisines and so on. One of the brand meals in Beijing is the Roasted Duck; this dish can take as a dinner during your Beijing trip. And the typical Chinese hot pot and snacks are also provided. Here we recommend some restaurants for your reference.
  • Quanjude - the world’s largest roast duck restaurant, you can find this one in Qianmen, Hepingmen and Fangzhuang.
  • Courtyard 7 - a traditional Siheyuan in Beijing with delicate dishes for clients
  • Fangshan - offers a truly unique ambience to dine and is preferred by both locals and tourists to Beijing city.
  • Dong Lai Shun - Donglaishunis a long-standing Muslims’ restaurant famous for instant-boiled mutton. It was founded by Ding Deshan, a man of Hui Nationality.
More restaurants information can be found in page Beijing Restaurants