Travel Insurance from TBT

Quotations of tour packages in Top Beijing Travel website including Beijing tours, day tours and join-in tours all include travel insurance fees. The insurance company we choose for our clients is China Pacific Life Insurance Co. Ltd..
The type of insurance is China Life Tourist Accident/Casualty Insurance, of which the policy only covers accidents that occur within China.
Following accidents caused by the travel agent may be compensated when you become an insured person when joining our tour packages:
  • Traveler’s injuries and death, related treatment fees and transportation expenses
  • Expenses related to the tourists' death and repatriating the body
  • Expenses for arranging the accommodation and dinning matters of visiting relatives when injured traveler stay in hospital in China
  • lExtra cost for delaying the tour itineraries
  • Loss, theft or damage of tourists’ personal belongs
  • Legal costs caused by faults make by the travel agent
  • Terms that negotiated between the travel agent and the insurance company on issues about inboard travel
You should pay attention that this insurance is valid for one year and the maximum amount of money reimbursed is CNY 160,000 (US$ 19,400) for foreign travelers to China
Situations that not be claimed
According to the regulation of China Pacific Insurance Co. Ltd., following situations are not allowed to claim:
Without the permission form the insurance to join in high-risked activities including diving, parachuting, skiing, hunting, rock climbing, martial matching, wrestling, horse rising, bungee jumping, etc., the insurance company is not responsible for dealing with the accidents happened in these activities..