What TBT Provides You

What you can find at www.topbeijingtravel.com?

  1. All-around Introduction of Beijing City including contents on history, culture, climate and weather, economy, education, travel, etc.
  2. Professional Beijing Travel Guide including information of attractions, popular activities, shopping, restaurants, entertainment shows, golf, exhibition, etc.
  3. Detailed Beijing Hotel Introduction in 3, 4, 5 star levels and special themes.
  4. Latest Beijing Transport Information including air, train, public bus, subway, etc.
  5. Well-designed Beijing tour itineraries such as classical tours, theme tours, days tours, SIC tours, transfer services, etc.
  6. Favorable China travel tours including China classical tours, China cultural tours, China landscape tours, China Yangtze River tours, China Tibet tours, etc.

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What we can do for you?

  1. Organize escorted tours for both FITs and groups
  2. Hotel reservations
  3. Air/train ticket reservations
  4. Special interest travel for business travellers
  5. Professional service for incentive programs
  6. Tailor-made programs and travel consultants

TBT Professional Service

Innovative Itinerary

For over 50 years, TopBeijingTravel has been exploring unknown parts of China and endeavored to introduce our client to places that truly reflect the country’s beauty, history, culture and heritage. Made out of our fine selection and China knowledge, TBT itineraries in different categories covered the most places of China with reasonable arrangement, which can offer you the most well-known sights from a fresh angle, richer discovery, enough relaxation and more flexibility.

In every journey TBT recommended, your clients will have the in-depth exploration, richer discovery, enough relaxation and more flexibility. We pick up the worthy activities and weave them into the itineraries.

On our website, the general multi-destination itineraries which remain available all year around mainly fall into ten categories. Besides, the Guilin city packages and regional tours including Yunnan, Guizhou and Tibet will give you and your clients a wide range of choices.

On our website, the general multi-destination itineraries which remain available all year around mainly fall into ten categories. Besides, the Beijing city packages and regional tours including Yunnan, Guizhou and Tibet will give you and your clients a wide range of choices.

Solid Quality

Quality is always TopBeijingTravel’s foremost pursuit.

Comfortable Accommodation

TopBeijingTravel understands that comfortable hotel will enhance the pleasure in journey. We never recommend the hotel which we haven't checked out yet. We keep on investigating those frequently used hotels in different cities every year to update the hotel information for your reference. Continued endeavors are made to ensure that we find out the best hotels which are capable of offering the unique and comfortable experience for you.

Standardized Meal

China boasts one of the world's greatest cuisines, part of the unforgettable experience of travel in China is the abundant array of delicious and inexpensive food. As an indispensable and important part of our service during the tour, meal deserves more endeavor to meet the clients needs. We keep in frequent touch with our suppliers at different places to ensure the security, quality and diversity of the food. Just tell us what your clients are fond of or abstain from, and let us to do the rest for their satisfaction.

Private Vehicle with Chauffeur

For transportation, we use suitably sized vehicles including car, bus, van or SUV according to the group size, road condition and the clients request. All vehicles are well maintained with air-conditioning and clean enough to provide a safe and comfortable trip to every guest. In addition, our drivers are well trained and familiar with road condition. There is nothing more rewarding than the clients safety and comfort during the tours.

Strong Suppliers in each of Your Destinations

All suppliers we cooperated with in all destinations are our long-term cooperation partners with high credit and ability to offer the first-class service. Most of them are branches of China International Travel Service (CITS) like TopChinaTravel or top agents whose reputation rests on the quality of service, honesty and consideration to our clients.

Enthusiasm Tour Guide Speaking Your Language

During the tour, if can accompany by a tour guide speaking fluently with one’s own language, that would be a superb experience! Our local guides are specially arranged to share their personal insights that simply can't be provided by outsiders or guidebooks. They will share with the clients their experiences of travel and daily life as well as the deep understanding of the local culture, history and people. They are also able to fully understand the client's interests and needs and to ensure these to be met. Many long-lasting friendships have been formed between our guests and local guides. They really are an integral part of the TopBeijingTravel experience.

Fair Price

TopBEijingTravel tours are honestly and fairly priced. We do not inflate our prices simply to offer huge reductions to boost sales later on. Hence, our loyalty discounts for returning costumers and early booking discounts will represent genuine savings. With imaginative itineraries, good accommodation and qualified service, TopBeijingTravel tours are not produced for the mass market and our prices therefore cannot be compared to those of many other apparently similar tours. We are confident that you will find our tours offering excellent value-for-money.

Tailor-made Service

To enjoy a unique journey in Beijing as well as in China, tailor-made service is a best choice and it is always available at topchinatravel.com. Our qualified travel consultants will help you and your clients turn your original plan perfectly into reality, for we know well that people are individual of different tastes and needs. Furthermore, the rich material of China Guide and City Guide of TopBeijingTravel.com will give you a powerful hand to gain more knowledge of China and shape the plan.

Considerate Customer Service

The professional service as well as the unduplicated consideration for the clients makes TopBeijingTravel unique. We are always trying, and will do our best to assist you to know more about Beijing with our sincerity and China knowledge. Our travel advisors will offer you round-the-clock, 24/7 customer service whether you are shaping your travel plan or on the way of journey, even after your return home. Your experience and feedback are the most valuable gift to make our service better.