What is a SIC tour?

SIC stands for Seat in Coach. Guests who participate our SIC tour will share bus and guide service with other clients. Our coach and guide will go from hotel to hotel to pick up guests who signed up the tour for the day. Only English-Chinese speaking guide provided for SIC tour, our guide will take you to all the scenic spots as what listed in the itinerary. SIC tour is convenient and economic; it is perfect for solo travelers and business clients.
SIC tours in some cities in China are welcomed by the economic and solo tourists. The hottest travel cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guilin and Hong Kong serve this popular travel mode. A SIC tour is always a one-day tour in a single city.
You should pay attentions that the coach arranged in SIC tour departs in a fixed time to pick up travelers from one hotel to another, so try to avoid missing the time to get on buses.