Star-level Hotels in Beijing

Star-level hotels in Beijing are divided into five ranks based on standards issued by the China National Tourism Administration.
One or two-star hotels are economical and clean, but may have very limited English speaking staff. they must have at least twenty guests rooms, most with private bath and offer breakfast or other meal.
Three-star hotels in Beijing may be not recommended to foreign travelers because most of them are native-oriented. That means the equipment and service quality may be not as same as the typical international standards.
Four or five-star hotels in Beijing will be better choices for foreigners travel in Beijing. Hotels with these two levels are luxury properties with spacious, soundproof rooms, large lobbies, health clubs, business centers, 24-hour room service and excellent Chinese and English food to serve. Especially those five-star hotels in China have standards that nearly match similarly rated properties in large European and American cities.

  • Something should be paid attention:
When accommodating in a three-star hotel, you may meet some annoyance. So you would be wise to take notice of the following possibilities before you book a local-run 3 star hotel in Beijing.
  • Some of the staff can speak English while other may be able to speak Chinese only
  • The breakfasts served in three-star hotels are mostly Chinese style which may cause westerners loose appetite when getting up in the morning.
  • Sometimes you may receive anonymous calls at midnight in some of the hotels.
  • Sometimes you should tolerate the hot temperature in the summer days because air-conditions may not work frequently.