When is the best time to the Great Wall of China?

China Great Wall in different season will show its different charms for tourists.
  • In spring, when trees and plants begin to turn green, the wall wonders among the lush vegetation. Every thing looks so fresh.
  • Summer comes, the booming flowers and colored leaves cover the mountains. The Great Wall snakes its way like a silver necklace. What a nice sight!
  • When fall comes, the mountains are blanketed by colors, creating an amazing view and the weather during this time is pleasant.
  • The mountains and the wall itself are covered with snow in winter, offering an awesome snowy scene. The weather in this time of the year will be frozenly cold and tourists are fewer.
We suggest that the best time to visit the Great Wall is in spring (especially May) and autumn (September or early October). In these months, the weather is better than the rest of the year. In the sunny and pretty cooling air, you can just use your umbrella as a walking stick up the wall.
If you enjoy the sun shine and do not mind having a tan while trekking, you can go to Beijing during the summer seasons, but do not forget to do some protection of your skin.
And avoiding going to the Great Wall in the winter seasons. The winter months which usually stretch from November to April. During those periods, you tend not see any tourists