Local & Western Restaurants in Beijing

Beijing people are fond of eating and it is a proudly recognised feature of Beijing's cultural heritage that we boast one of the world's greatest cuisines. As a result, part of the unforgettable experience of travel in Beijing is the abundant array of delicious and inexpensive food. Beijing local cuisine is characterized by fine selections of fresh ingredients, particular care to the amount of fire, and balance in nourishment. Different geographical locations, climates, historical factors and eating habits in different regions have contributed to a wide range of flavours and dishes which attract gourmets from around the world.
Western Fast foods like McDonald's, KFC and PIZZAHUT have gained some popularity in Beijing. You can enjoy true Western food in some elegant restaurants in big cities as well. Generally, we always arrange a western breakfast or buffet for you. Considering about western dinning habits, our recommended restaurants are mostly western style so you can eat your homeland food during travel time.