Dong Lai Shun

ADD: 5/F, Sun Dong An Plaza, 138 Wangfujing Dajie 2 Xiaoyangmao Hutong, Jianguomen Neidajie
Signature dishes: Instant-boiled mutton

Dong Lai Shun in Beijing is a long-standing Muslims restaurant famous for instant-boiled mutton. It was founded by Ding Deshan, a man of Hui Nationality. In the 29th year of Guangxu reign period (the year 1903) in the Qing Dynasty, Ding set up a snack stall in Wangfujing Avenue in Beijing. Due to prosperous business, he expanded the stall into a cote named “Donglaishun Porridge Booth”. In 1914, additional food such as quick-fly, toasted and instant-boiled mutton as well as fried dishes were offered in "Donglaishun Porridge Booth". It was then renamed as Donglaishun Mutton Restaurant. By 1930's -1940's, the restaurant had been famous across Beijing and become one of the "China Time-honored Brands".

Dong Lai Shun Restaurant is characterized by the fine materials selecting, delicate processing, complete condiments and strong fire. Mutton used in the restaurant is taken from small-tail sheep of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. More importantly, only several parts of the sheep such as rear leg, afterbody and spinal flesh are chosen. At the same time, exquisite skills of cutting mutton are required in the restaurant, with such standards as thinness, evenness, uniformity and handsomeness. When served on trays, mutton slices should be translucent to such an extent that patterns of the trays can be seen through them. For this reason, mutton offered by the restaurant is instant-boiled and featured by fragrance, tenderness, free of smell and greasiness. Moreover, diversified condiments with peculiar texture are specially prepared by the restaurant, and all hotpots used here have been modified to obtain strong charcoal fire without flying ashes.

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