Thin Pancake (Jian Bing Guo Zi)

Thin Pancake, also called Jian Bing Guo Zi in Chinese, is the famous snack for Tianjin People. Although this is a traditional snack in Tianjin, Beijing people also regard it as one of their favorite food in their daily life. Thin Pancake always plays a role as the breakfast in the day.
Thin Pancake may be hard to see in a restaurant. This is one of the local snacks usually sold by vendors along the street, and especially in the morning times. Although it only takes few minutes to making a thin pancake, but the popularity of this snack also ask people to spend time on getting lines for buying it.
What is Jian Bing Guo Zi
Thin pancake (Jian Bing Guo Zi) is the most characteristic street-vendor snack in Tianjin. Only looking at the four Chinese characters of its name, people who are unknown to this snack may think of it as pancake (Jian Bing) with some kind of fruits. However, “Guo Zi” is another name people in Northern part of China give to the fried dough stick (You Tiao). Jian Bing Guo Zi actually is thin pancake rolled with fried dough stick. Another interpretation of the mane of this snack is that it is the mispronunciation of Jian Bing Guo Zhe, which means “Rolled by thin pancake”. This also makes some sense.
Main materials
The major materials of Thin Pancake are the mung bean flavor and eggs. Intergradient such as sauce, shallot and peppers can be added according to people’s tastes.
When referring the Thin Pancake, the famous Shandong pancake will be the major contributor to this snack, The technology applied in Shandong pancake is also introduced to the Thin Pancake, Thin Pancake has more than 100 years history in Tianjin and Beijing.
The original Thin Pancake was just a Shandong pancake rolling with a shallot and a fried flavor stick only. With the development for hundreds of years and the improvement by generations, the Thin Pancake has been into the present form as welcomed by all people.

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