Quick-fried Tripe

When referring Quick-fried Tripe, locals prefer to call “Bao Dur”. In Beijing locals’ eyes, people would do not want to eat this snack are definitely not Beijing locals, while people who are fond of this snack may be not a Beijing local. The new generation shows their love to the delicious things while the old generation expresses their enthusiasm towards this traditional food. So more and more people become the fans of Bao Dur.
Quick-fried Tripe is one of the best examples of old Beijing local snack. It is also a kind of Muslim food. Tripe is from the stomachs of a bull or a lamb.

Old-brand Bao Dur
This snack was originally made in the old-brand Jinshenglong. The famous cook who was called “Bao Dur Feng” was good at cook the crispy tripe. According to the introduction of the third generation of “Bao Dur Feng”, the thirteen tastes Bao Dur in their restaurants were decided by the different tastes of the imperial officials.
How to cook
One of the most important step is deeply cleaning the tripe. And then, cut them into stripes. Keeping in mind that tripe should be put into the boiling water and cook throughout. By adding cooking oil, sesame sauce, Chinese vinegar, chili oil, bean paste and small pieces of vegetables, the dish is ready to serve. The Quick-fried Tripe is saucy and crispy.
1.  use the fresh material
2.  use lots of boiling water to cook the tripe
3.  use high-temperature fire to fry the material

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