Beijing Erguotou is the famous Baijiu in China. The cheap price and the local taste make Erguotou spirit as one of the most popular drinks among the locals. Erguotou is often inexpensive and thus particularly popular among blue-collar workers across northern and northeastern China. It is frequently associated with that city. Actually, Beijing is the original production place of this kind of strong distilled liquor (40% to 60% alcohol by volume!).
The history of Er Guo Tou goes back 800 years ago when it used to be called Shao Jiu. The two best known brands are “Red Star Er Guo Tou” and “Niu Lan Shan Er Guo Tou”. Nowadays, Er Guo Tou is not only strong white liquor, but also a symbolic icon of Beijing local culture.
Erguotou means "second distillation" (literally "head of the second pot"), which indicates its level of purity. It is a clear, potent spirit and takes six months to produce. It is often flavored with walnuts, longans, jujubes, ginseng, and/or sugar. Although over 60% alcohol it is also often blended with other spirits to produce a milder drink.
How about the taste
Er Guo Tou is considered cheap alcohol in China. Erguotou tastes sweet at first but then you start to feel the burn in your stomach. We do not suggest you drink it alone, especially for those who try Erguotou the first time. It is great with the right dishes such as the “hot pot” in winter.

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