Beijing Institute of Technology

General Information
Founded in Yan’an in 1940, Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) is a national key university, an international and research-oriented university of science, engineering and humanities. It is one of the first universities to run a graduate school and receive privileged funding from the central government in the consecutive “Five Year Plan”. BIT is also one of the national “Project 211” universities receiving preferential support from the state. In 2000, BIT was listed in the “985 Project,” which gives priority for development by Commission of Science Technology and Industry for National Defense (COSTIND), Ministry of Education (MOE) and Beijing Municipal Government. In 1999, BIT passed the evaluation for “Outstanding in Undergraduate Program” sponsored by MOE. Under the administration of Ministry of Information and Industry, BIT ranks among the first-class universities for its high education and research performance, strong faculty, and distinctive academic programs. In 2007, BIT got straight A’s in MOE undergraduate program evaluation.
Organization and Development
BIT is organized into 17 academic schools and 43 research centers. There also are Graduate School, School of Continuing Education, School of Distance Learning, College of Higher Vocational Studies, Xishan Branch School, Qianhuangdao Branch School, Zhuhai Autonomous College and Liangxiang Campus in BIT around China.
BIT occupies an area of 2,896,114 square meters (including Zhongguancun Campus of 709,021m2, Xishan Laboratory Campus of 167,417 m2, Lixiang Campus of 2,001,000 m2, and Qinhuangdao Branch School of 18676 m2), with a floor space of over 1,100,000 square meters. Plus, Zhuhai Autonomous College in Guangdong covers an area of 3,330,000 square meters. BIT has now become a multi-disciplinary university of engineering, science, management, humanities, economics, law, and pedagogy. While maintaining its great strength in engineering, it pays great attention to the balanced development of all disciplines.
BIT is located in the central area of Hi-tech Industrial Park of Haidian District in Beijing. Adjacent to the National Library of China and many other universities, BIT benefits from convenient neighborhood and entertainment facilities. The shopping malls are within walking distance from BIT. With more than a dozen bus lines, subway Line 4 and airport shuttle nearby,, BIT campuses are easily accessible. BIT enjoys not only the most beautiful campus but also the best convenient location to downtown Beijing and all main places of interests in Beijing.
BIT, equipped with advanced facilities, is covered by speedy internet network, including administration area, teaching buildings, research centers and dormitory buildings etc. The campus network plays an important role in the teaching and learning, research, innovation and administration within BIT. It possesses various and sufficient resources both at the official sites of the university and every school and the private FTP sites established by the students on their own, which meet the daily use both in quality and quantity.

There are 8 dinning halls on BIT campus including cafeterias and muslin dinning hall. The university also sets up International Students’ restaurants near the International Students Residence to make it more convenient for the students. In addition, there are several Chinese restaurants and bakery on campus.

• Campus Clinic
    BIT campus clinic is approved by Beijing Health Organization and offers 24/7 medical services for all the students, faculty and staff, their families as well as other people who resident on BIT campus.
• Public medical services outside campus
    Medical Services are very convenient in Beijing with many good public hospitals and pharmacies. The Beijing Medical Emergency Service Center, International Medical Center and many big hospitals provide emergency help. We suggest students to arrange their insurance policy before coming to China.
BIT Zhongguancun Campus is situated in the core area of Haidian District in Beijing with many shopping malls and supermarkets around. In addition, there are also several small-scaled supermarkets and stores on BIT campus on the students’ convenience.
Address: No.5, Zhongguancun South Street, Haidian District, Beijing