China Youth University for Political Sciences

General Information
China Youth University for Political Sciences is affiliated with the Central Committee of China Communist Youth League. CYUPS takes up the responsibilities of offering regular higher education programs and providing training courses for youth leaders. The secretary general of the Central Committee of China Communist Youth League holds the presidency of the university. The imcumbent Secretary General, Mr. Lu Hao, is the current President, while Dr. Ni Bangwen is the Vice Chancellor directing all university functions.
The Origin of CYUPS
CYUPS originated from Central School of China Youth League (CSCYL) which was founded and assigned with the task of educating youth leaders in September of 1948. More than 70,000 youth leaders have been trained in the school. CSCYL has made significant contributions to the development of ACYF and greatly benefited society in general.
New Developments
Since its establishment, CYUPS has formulated and continued its mission of developing quality educational programs and sharpening unique characteristics. With lots of creative work being done, the quality and enrollment of the educational programs have continuously increased. At present a multi-layer educational structure is solidified with a variety of educational and training programs available to the public, including undergraduate and graduate programs, Second-bachelor’s degree programs, continued educational programs, youth leaders training programs, and Chinese Language for Foreigners programs.

Each year a large number of young students from all parts of China apply for the various educational programs at CYUPS. Nowadays, more and more international students join in the Chinese Language for Foreigners program and other regular degree programs at CYUPS, which significantly enriches the campus life and learning experience for all students.
CYUPS Library
The CYUPS Library provides extensive assistance to the students and faculty through such divisions as Acquisition Services, Circulation Services, Technical Services, Reference & Consultation Services and Administrative Services.

The students study books in the four regular reading rooms as well as other reading rooms with special open-shelf collections including Reading Room of Dictionaries, H.K., Taiwan and Foreign Books Reading Room, New Publications Reading Room, Faculty Reading Room (with the specialty in Youth and Social Work), Electronic Reading Room, and Back Issue Newspaper and Periodicals Reading Room.

The library facilities take up an area of 7000 square meters holding a collection of 500,000 volumes of books. The collections mainly relate to social sciences and the humanities.

The library especially possesses an impressive comprehensive collection of books and materials on youth issues which make up a major part of the Youth Research Database.
Youth Research Information and Data Center
The center collects and manages youth data on a regular basis. With its enormous collection of data on youth, the center serves the national and international experts in their youth research projects.

The books and other materials on youth issues are strictly categorized into groups in terms of subject and geography and date; and are sorted around different data sections such as Youth Group Theories, Youth Development Strategy, Youth Organization, Youth Policy, Youth Movement History, Youth Education, and International Youth Research.

Among the completed research projects, some of the eminent include China Youth Policy Research, China Youth Extra-curriculum Education Policy Research, China Youth Development Status Research, and China Urban Disadvantaged Youth and Social Protective Policies.
Address: 2 5 Xisanhuan Beilu, Haidian District, Beijing