China Central University of Nationalities

General Information
Founded in October 1941, as Yan'an Institute of Nationalities, the Central Institute of Nationalities was officially established in June, 1951, in Beijing. In November, 1993, the Institute switched to a new name: the Central University of Nationalities (CUN). The University is located in Zhongguancun, the western suburbs of Beijing, with National Library of China in its south.
The CUN, as a distinguished comprehensive and national key university in China, is regarded as the cradle of graduates and professionals of 56 Chinese ethnic groups.
After more than 50 years of development, the CUN has become a comprehensive research university with humanities and social sciences as its main focus, and ethnic studies as its unique characteristics. The University occupies the leading positions in many disciplines like: ethnology, Chinese minority languages and literatures, Chinese minority history, economic studies on minority regions, Chinese minority theory and policy, ethnic religion studies, Ecology of minority regions and Chinese minority art, etc.
The CUN has a great number of faculty, among who are not only a number of senior professors of high academic standing and world fame, but also a host of creative young and middle aged experts who have been working at the forefront of teaching and research.
The CUN Library houses more than 1, 600, 000 books, among which the minority scripts and minority files and documents take up the first place in the universities in China. The CUN Ethnic Museum holds around 30,000 rare ethnic relics, which serve the University undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs.
At present, the CUN is to carry forward its tradition and further its reforms. Through explorations and renovations, the University is forging a pattern with CUN’s characteristics with higher level and better achievements. The University is heading towards a comprehensive, research-oriented and internationalized world-class university to contribute itself to the great revitalization of China.
Schools and Departments
Art College
Continual Education College
College of Science
Dance College
Economics College
Education College
Ethnology and Sociology College
Foreign Languages College
History Department
Information Engineering College
International Education College
Kazakh Language and Literature Department
Korean Language and Literature Department
Language and Literature of Chinese Ethnic Minorities Department
Law College
Life Science and Environmental Sciences College
Literature and Journalist Communications College
Management College
Marxism & Leninism College(Institute of Chinese Ethnic Theories & Policies)
Minority Languages and Literatures Department
Mongolian Department
Music College
Philosophy and Religion Department
Postgraduate College
Preparatory College
Tibetology Research College
Uygur Language & Literature Department
Address: 27 Zhongguancun South Avenue, Haidian District, Beijing