Beijing Economy & Technology

The rapid development in many facets such as economy, finance, high-tech technology, science, etc. makes Beijing become a metropolis in China and a key destination in the world. Beijing is amongst the most developed cities in China with tertiary industry accounting for 73.2% of its GDP; it was the first post industrial city in mainland China. Finance is one of the most important industries of Beijing. By the end of 2007, there were 751 financial organizations in Beijing that generated 128.6 billion RMB revenue accounting for 11.6% of the total financial industry revenue of the entire country. It also accounts for 13.8% of Beijing's GDP, the highest percentage of that of all Chinese cities. Beijing is home to 26 Fortune Global 500 companies, the third most in the world behind Tokyo and Paris. Designated industrial parks and business and financial centers in Beijing provide perfect conditions for Beijing’s economy and technology development.