China University of Petroleum, Beijing

General Information
China University of Petroleum-Beijing, is a 1st-tier national university of China and its mission is to prepare qualified engineers and technical service for the global oil industry through its quality education and research.
Since its foundation in 1953, the university has been working hard to improve its program quality and broaden its disciplines and research areas. Over the past years, its development is still focusing on energy related fields, with the new outreach to sustainable and renewable energy technology and clean energy technology, deep-water technology, energy strategy and policy study, safety engineering technology, environmental engineering, and energy management. These pursuits are being approached through recruiting smart new professors and upgrading the whole academic staff, strengthening its traditional and potential new programs and internationalizing its education, research and management.
The academic structure of the university:
College of Geosciences
College of Petroleum Engineering
College of Chemical Engineering
College of Mechanical and Transportation Engineering
College of Geophysics and Information Engineering
College of Science, School of Business
College of Humanities, Arts and Social Science
Department of Foreign Languages
Department of Physical Education
School of Continuing Education
Chinese Language Center
Enhanced Oil Recovery Center
It offers 25 Bachelor’s, 49 Master’s, 32 PhD programs and one diploma program in Chinese Language Study.
One of the principles of the university has been to work closely with industry and international community. About 80% of the research projects of the university are sponsored by oil companies of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation (Sinopec), and China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC). The university has set up cooperative relations with 89 overseas universities, research institutions and oil companies, and most of the relations are very active and productive.
Campus Facilities
The university library has a collection of over 1,176,000 volumes covering the whole range of the subjects studied at the university. It provides excellent services, including on-line service for literature search, to every reader.
The university library has adequate computer facilities and all computer rooms on the campus with internet access open to all registered students.
A comprehensive accommodation service is available to all students throughout their whole stay at the university and the university is able to offer a guarantee that it will find satisfying university accommodation for every student. Special and high-standard accommodation is provided to international students, with very good living and safety facilities.
The student and staff health service is based on the University Health Center. Every student and staff member can request an appointment for personal and private consultation for any health problem.
The university sports center is the main campus recreation center and one of the most popular place. Facilities include 3 athletic grounds, a multi-purpose pavilion, a swimming pool and a gymnasium.
The university is located in region of natural beauty and tourist interest in Changping District, Beijing, about 5 miles to the Ming Tombs and 15 miles to the Great Wall. The campus is within walking distance to mountains, greens and a huge reservoir, where you will enjoy fresher air, more open space and natural beauty of all seasons.
Address: 18 Fuxue Road, Changping District, Beijing