How to Apply

Procedure and Submitting Documents
Foreigners wishing to travel to China should apply to a local Chinese embassy or consulate for tourist visas (L Visa). In the event of a group tour of more than nine persons, the organizer has to apply for group tourist visas (L Visa).
All the countries in the world have their own special organizations for visa issuing. Generally speaking, the organizations for issuing the passport and visa are the same one for a country. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassies/consulates or the specially-authorized organizations stationed abroad are all the legitimate organs for issuing the visa.
When applying for a visa, foreigners are required to answer certain questions and go through the following formalities:
1. Providing your original valid passport with at least 2 blank visa pages and six months validity left before expiration. the submitted photos should be similar to the one in your passport. Only photo full-face and bareheaded will be accepted.
2.Filling in a visa application form. Any incomplete or false information in the visa application form would lead to the failure of application.
3.Submitting documents needed for visa application and documents which explain one’s reason(s) to enter China. And as for the third step, we can provide invitations for you to apply a visa.
For people who travel to Tibet, they should present their doctor’s certificate showing that they have normal blood pressure and heart condition in view of the altitude stress.