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Beijing Religious Sites

Uninformed prejudice has influenced many a foreigner’s opinions about China. A common misconception is: “China is a communist country, so religion is not tolerated.” Many a first-time visitor has been astounded at the number and variety of churches, mosques, synagogues, temples and other religious structures and sites for worship to be found in Chinese cities. In fact, Chinese governments throughout history have been highly tolerant and welcoming to most religions, and many new religions were adopted by Emperors and developed to their highest forms in China. Chinese religious culture has deeply influenced Chinese people’s thinking, and a city in China without religious sites would be considered by-passed by Chinese culture. Beijing, a Chinese capital since ancient times and the present capital of China, preserves many ancient temples for contemporary religious adherents to worship and for travellers to visit. Many temples in Beijing have become part of peaceful suburban districts; fascinating stories and legends surround the history of many of these Beijing religious sites.