Hongluo Temple

Hongluo Temple is 4 kilometers away from north Huairou District of Beijing. It is covers an area of 8 square kilometers and integrates the natural landscape with manmade features. Hongluo Temple was first built in Eastern Jin Dynasty and expanded during the prime time of the Tang Dynasty. It was originally known as the Darning Temple. During the reign of Emperor Yingzong (1436-1450) of the Ming Dynasty, it was changed into Huguo Zifu Temple. It was called by the locals as Hongluo Temple due to the legend of the Hongluo Fairy Maiden.
Hongluo Temple is the source region of Buddhism in north China, and it is also regarded as the No. 1 ancient temple in Northern China. It is said that Hongluo Temple in north China is as the Putuo Temple in south China. Three most prominent scenic areas of the temple complex are called Imperial Bamboo, Male and Female Gingko, and Pines Entangled with Chinese Wisteria. After many years of devel­opment, six scenes of Hongluo Mountain, Hongluo Temple, Guanyin Temple, Beauty-dis­playing Garden, Pine Forest and Fruit Garden for Plucking cover a total area of 6 square kilometers.
Theme tour in Hongluo Temple can be a temple fair in spring, student camping in summer, golden tour in autumn and ice-tour in winter.