Beijing Badachu Park

Situated 17 kilometres from Beijing city centre, south of the Fragrant Hills is Badachu, a famous attraction on Beijing’s outskirts. The Park covers a total area of 332 hectares and the height of the highest hill is 464 meters. It is among the first national key units of cultural relics for preservation.
Beijing Badachu Park is a Buddhist temple park with a long history and abundant historical relics. For hundreds of years the landscape has been famous for "Three Hills, Eight Temples, and Twelve Scenes". The Park got its name from the eight well preserved ancient temples.
The three hills, Cuiwei, Pingpo and Lushi are shaped like a huge chair with lush green trees.

The Eight Temples of Changan, Lingguang, Sanshan, Dabei, Longquan, Xiangjie, Baozhucave, Zhenggou are set on the overlapping hills or in the quiet and secluded valley. The first site, built in the Ming Dynasty (1504), was Chang'an Temple, inside which is an exhibition museum. The second site, Temple of Lingguang, is the best preserved one from the Tang Dynasty; it has a 13-storied Buddha's Tooth Relic Pagoda. Inside the Courtyard is an Apricot Tree dating from the Yuan Dynasty.
Badachu Park has a desirable climate which is cool in summer and warm in winter. More than 97 percent of the mountains are covered with trees. Among the arbour trees are 400,000 plants of more than 80 species and among the rare ancient trees are 590 plants in 18 species. Some trees, such as the bark pines in Chang'an Temple, the maidenhair trees in Dabei Temple and the Pistacia Chinensis in Zhengguo Temple are over 600 years old and are full-grown and still in good shape. After 1949, especially during the last ten years, historical relics were embellished and protected and the appearance of the park was changed greatly. The Park has now become one of the favourite resorts in the city's outskirts. In early spring and late autumn many visitors throng to see the charming Mountain Views.
Temples & monasteries
Changan Temple, means the temple of Eternal Peace.
Lingguang Temple, means the temple of Divine Light.
Sanshan Nunnery, means the nunnery of Three-hills.
Dabei Temple, means the temple of Great Mercy.
Longquan Nunnery, means the nunnery of Dragon Spring.
Xiangjie Temple, means the temple of the Fragrant World.
Baozhu Cave, means the cave of Precious Pearl.
Zhengguo Temple, means the temple of Thoroughly Transform.