Xiushui Street

Location: Located along Chang An avenue near the Yong An Li (120) line 1 subway station. 
What to buy: Chinese Souvenirs, Chinese Rugs / Carpets, Golf Equipment, Pearls, Silk by the roll, Chinese Paintings

As one of the most popular destinations to overseas tourists in Beijing, Xiushui Street attracts domestic as well as foreign tourists with commodities at a cheap price. It is several hundred meters long and is also known as the Leading Foreign Trade Market. The street lies at the southeastern corner of the diplomatic quarter in Beijing's Chaoyang District and has many hotels and offices of foreign-funded enterprises.

The Silk Eastern Road played a very important role in the history of Xiushui Street. Originated in 1982 when a group of ambitious youth started their business at Silk Eastern Road, Beijing, with very simple stalls at that time. Gradually, this place became a trade market for many vendors. And in 1987, when more and more vendors began to sell traditional Chinese silk products and crafts at here, the silk street got its name.  Its repute spread fast, and more and more customers and travelers are attracted by the reasonable price of its products. The former Xiushui Silk Street is an outdoor market. Since 1985, Xiushui Silk Street has been popular with overseas tourists who have flocked to buy counterfeit and knock-off luxury clothes and accessories.

Experienced the torn down of the old one for its illegal trade in the pirate commodities, new Xiushui Street is built next to the original market. It has five floors on the ground and three on the underground, with a building area of altogether 28,000 sq. m, and a capacity of thousands of stalls.

This new market injects a fresh blood into the Beijing trade. When you shopping in this market, you can heat that the assistants promote their goods in various languages. No matter you want to buy the good only belongs to China or popularizes in the world, this market can meet you need with variety commodities, including curtains, tablecloths, bedding, earrings, and watches as well as clothes, inexpensive caps, and shoes of excellent workmanship. If you want to buy something, you should check with more than one store and haggle over the price. Xiushui Street used to be a wholesale market where businessmen from Eastern European countries purchased clothes, and all business was conducted in English and Russian. Today, the street is a tourist spot where people speaking many languages go shopping, both wholesale and retail. 

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