Xidan Commercial District

Location: the geometric center of Beijing
What to buy: food bazaar, fashion shoes, garments and hats

Lying 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) west of Tiananmen Square, Xidan Commercial Street is called 'the second Wangfujing' in Beijing. Starting from Xuanwu Gate in the south; the commercial street is 5.4 kilometers long. Xidan Commercial Street is known as one of the three most famous commercial centers in Beijing, together with Wangfujing Dajie and Qianmen Da Zha Lan. 

It consists mainly of food markets, clothes stores and commodities. The street is a modern, international, commercial combination of shopping, dining, recreation and culture. The central area is Xidan Cultural Square, the largest venue for cultural entertainment along Chang'an Street, composed of underground restaurants, markets, cinema, bowling alley, swimming pool, rock-climbing club and the largest mirror palace in the country.
In Xidan Commercial Area, there are many shopping malls, such as Xidan Market, Xidan Shopping Center, Xidan Scitech Shopping City and Zhongyou Department Store, and some long-established shops such as Guixiangcun food shop, Wanli shoe shop, Yuanchanghou tea house and Beijing Book Building.
It is located at the geometric center of Beijing, runs through Xidan city-level commercial center and two district-level commercial centers of Xisi and Xinjiekou.

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