Chaowai Street

Location: outside of Chaoyang Gate, Chaoyang District
What to buy: textiles, jewellery, silk, cotton, wool, bric-a-brac, toys, edibles

Chaowai Street is one of the commercial centers which have received more and more attention in recent years. Some large malls such as Full link Plaza, Fenglian Plaza, Jian Hypermarket, Blue Island Tower, Blue Island Mansion, and the newly built Yabao Market are located there. Often you will find some high-quality and inexpensive commodities. In the Wangshi Baili Supermarket opened recently, you can purchase all the articles needed to furnish your home here and take your time choosing from goods on the open shelves without having to bargain and argue. Even if you just take a walk and do not buy anything, you can find many novelties for home decoration.

 Full link Plaza is one of the most famous business service enterprises. It is located in Jian Guo Men- Chao Wai Street- World Trade Center business district and it's one of the five high-level business centers in Beijing region. Jian Hypermarket faces the Full Link Plaza; this department store is a newly built, modern shopping center. It is clean, spacious, bright, and elegantly decorated. Blue Island is a Chinese-style department store, with prices (and, it has to be said, quality) substantially lower than in some of its international competitors. Ya Bao Street Market, known as the "Russian Market" because of its previous location in the Russian quarter, is basically a large indoor version of a Chinese street market.

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