Beijing Economic Technological Development Area

Basic Information
Industry Area Name: Beijing Economic Technological Development Area
Other Name: Beijing Yizhuang Development Area
Location: Daxing District, Beijing, 100176
Organization Level: National Economic Technology Development Area
Governmental Address: No. 15, Ronghua Zhong Lu, Beijing Economic Technological Development Area
Climate: warm temperate zone semi-humid continental monsoon climate
Airport: Beijing Capital International Airport, Nanyuan Airport
Railway Station: Yizhuang Railway Station
General Information
Amid the great tide of reforms and opening to the outside world, Beijing Economic-Technological Develop­ment Area (hereinafter referred to as BDA}. Located at ETOWN (Yizhuang region), Beijing, has grown from a plot of sleepy farming land into the capital's vibrate fore­front of economic miracles. Such a large league of world famous brands as Nokia, Benz, GE, Bosch Rexroth. Coming, Danieli, Bayer, Kimberly-Clark, LG. Cummins. ABB, Tetra Pak, Sanyo, Panasonic and Schneider, etc. have made an unanimous choice to settle here.
Over the last decade or so, the investing allures, eco­nomic vibrancy and sustainable development potentials of BDA have become all the more evident. It has already become an important driver of capital economy. And BDA is becoming one of the most charming investing bases for high & new-tech and modern manufacturing industries in China.
In the near future, with the establishment of construction goals of ETOWN New Ciry, BDA is striding forward from building an industrial park into constructing an interna­tional high-end industrial zone and cultivating a prosper­ous, harmonious and living-friendly ETOWN New City. Drawing upon uniquely endowed development advan­tages, ever-improving infrastructures and professional & humanized service environment, BDA is acting as a potent magnet for investors from all over the world. Many people like to compare ETOWN fittingly as a rapidly galloping train. Let us jump abroad this express train and move together towards a successful future!
Located in southeast ETOWN region of capital, BOA started its construction back in 1992. On August 25, 1994, it was ratified by the State Council as a state-level economic and technological development zone in Beijing. The overall planned area is 46.8 sq km 3. Up to the present, the total Investment amount of al the dwelling enterprises in BDA exceeds S 20 billion. And the investment ratio of foreign funded ventures is over 70%. With a large cluster of high and new-tech enterprises, the ratio of their total output value and profit amount has accounted for over 80% of the BDA totals. Their exporting ratio has reached nearly 90% of the BDA total.
Situated in the southeast suburb of Beijing, the BDA sits to the west of the entrance to the Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Expressway and south of the planned Fifth Ring Road. The BDA is 3.5 kilometers to the south of the Fourth Ring Road, 7 kilometers to the south of the Third Ring Road, and 16.5 kilometers away from the Tian'anmen Square in downtown Beijing. It is 20 minutes' drive to the Capital International Airport, 5 minutes' drive to the Cargo Railway Station nearby, and 90 minutes' drive to the Tianjin New Harbor. The eastern part of the BDA is the industrial area, the western part is the living quarters, and in between are the administration and service areas. On the outskirts of the zone is the Supporting Area covering 143 square kilometers.
High-end Talent
BDA have taken concrete measures to practice the strategy of talent-intensive zone and actively introduce the high-end and high-skill talents urgently needed to industrial developments so as to provide talent supports for the development of high-end industrial clustering. BDA Branch of Beijing Overseas Talents Center, Overseas Returnee Innovation Zone, Post-doctor Wording Station and Enterprise Incubator have been established here to provide development space for enterprising projects of excellent talents and industrial conversions of scientific & research achievements.
To support the enterprising projects and employment of various types of talents, BOA has promulgated over 20 relevant policies and measures, including Regulations on Encouraging the Settlement of High-class Talents, Implementation Measures of BDA Soda Contribution Award, Temporary Management Measures of Post-doctoral Scientific & Research Working Station. Tempo­rary Measures of Supplemental Medical Insurance and Opinions on Encour­aging and Attracting Overseas High-level Talents (Interim). Currently BDA is striving to improve the policy measures and working mechanisms, make continuous efforts to optimize the talent development environment and cluster the high-level talents home and aboard so as to construct a high ground of human resources with unique feature
For Investors
Aiming at becoming a high-tech industry base, the BDA focuses on attracting investment from high-tech companies, multinational companies, and other backbone industrial giants.
Investors are encouraged in BDA to invest, by means of wholly- foreign funded, equity joint venture, contractual joint venture, in industry, infrastructure, science and technology encouraged in investment in developing industrial and/or science and technology parks and/or in joint development of residential areas. Investment in new and hi-tech enterprises and export-oriented, foreign exchange earning enterprises with better economic, social and environmental profits, articularly the quality and brand products that are in line with the characteristics of the Beijing and are compatible with the status of the capital, are highly encouraged in BDA.
  • 1991. Dec.06   Beijing Yizhuang Industry Area Administration Committee had been built up.
  • 1992. Apr.01    Beijing Yizhuang Industry Area project began
  • 1992. Jul.10     Beijing Yizhuang Industry Area Administration Committee was renamed as Beijing Economic Technological Development Area (BDA) Administration Committee.
  • 1994. Aug.25    Approved by the State Council, BDA became a member of the national economic technological development areas.
  • 1999.Jun           Yizhuang Science Park was set in the Zhongguancun technological region
  • 2002. Aug.08    The State Council approved the area extension project of BDA. The project aimed to enlarge the area from 22.5 sq kilometers into 46.5 sq kilometers.
  • 2005. Feb         According to the Beijing Municipal Construction Proposal. Beijing Yizhuang was listed as one of the three leading developed new areas in Beijing. The planning construction area may be 212 sq kilometers.
  • 2007. Jan          Beijing Municipal Government approved the Yizhuang Construction proposal (2005 - 2020). Yizhuang including BDA will be the center to develop hi-tech industry covering the regions in Beijing to Tianjin