Learn to Write Chinese Calligraphy

Duration: 2-3 hours
Venue: Tea house
Summary: Using simple tools and techniques, Chinese Calligraphy, or Shufa, is a uniquely Asian art.
Calligraphy and painting are regarded as two treasures in China; together with Qin, the ancient Zheng, and Qi, the chess, they formed the four skills for a learned and elegant scholar to pursue in ancient times. They were also held as a good exercise to cultivate one's temperament.

Chinese calligraphy is an art to relax the soul. The key to fine Chinese calligraphy is to keep a calm mood, ignoring disturbances from outside. So the practice is a way to achieve a higher emotion quotient (EQ).

This art of writing Chinese Characters with brush and ink boasts a long history; it is one of the highest forms of Chinese art which perfectly embodies rhythm, lines and structure, serving the purpose of conveying the thoughts of the writer and displaying the abstract beauty of lines. Masters take the characters as the carrier of their thought, so there is no need to understand Chinese characters to appreciate the beauty; a little like appreciation of Western abstract painting. Have a tea break while learning to write some simple Chinese characters and your name in Chinese.

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