Learn to Speak Chinese

Venue: Tea house
Duration: 2-3 hours
Summary: Have a tea break while learning some popular daily Chinese expression in tea house, which should be a real experience of your trip to China.

Chinese language is the carrier of Chinese culture and civilization. With China’s emergence onto the world stage as a major player and influence of China's economy globally, Mandarin instruction is gaining popularity in the Western world. You won’t learn Mandarin in two hours, but have a tea break while learning some commonly needed conversational Chinese expressions in the tea house. It will be of immeasurable benefit for basic communication and making friends with local people during your trip to China. Where is the best….? Good morning, what a lovely day it is; have you eaten rice? Thank you for your kindness. Is there a doctor in the house? How much is this….? Which bus will take me to….? Which eating place do you recommend? How beautiful, where can I buy one like that? You and your child make a beautiful picture; may I take your photograph? I think I’m in love, are you married?  Well, maybe you won’t need them all, but being able to speak some socially useful phrases will draw a friendly smile and win you guanxi (brownie points).

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