Beijing Carved Lacquer Ware

Beijing carved lacquer ware enjoys an international reputation for the excellent handicraft. The unique engraving, which is done with special knives on the lacquer body, carves the lacquer into form images/designs. It is honored together with porcelain in Jingdezheng and embroidery in Hunan as the three treasures of Chinese arts and crafts.

Beijing lacquer ware starts with a brass or wooden body. After preparing and polishing, it is coated with several dozen up to hundreds of layers of lacquer, reaching a total thickness of 5 to 18 millimetres. Then, engravers cut into the hardened lacquer, creating carved paintings of landscapes, human figures, flowers, and animals. It is then finished by drying and polishing. Beijing lacquer objects are in the forms of chairs, screens, tea tables, vases, and other furniture.

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