Sanlitun Bars Street

When referring to the bars street in Beijing, the first one will be Sanlitun Bars Street in the east part of Chaoyang District. The first bar in Sanlitun emerged in 1989. After more than 20 years development, nearly 70% bars in Beijing now gather in Sanlitun or the area around Sanlitun. The fist bar was built in the south Sanlitun, while the famous bars street of Sanlitun is the north part.
Sanlitun North Street
Because north Sanlitun is next to the largest Beijing foreign embassies district, it becomes popular for regular foreign customers. Bars in north Sanlitun are dense. From south to north, the short street gathers nearly one hundred bars. One bar next to another, some are crowded and noisy, some are relaxing with dim lights, some are associated with famous singers, and some are attractive for luxury people. Here you can find bars such as Boys & Gilrs, Milan Club, Lang Gui Fang, No. 52 etc. The complex decorations of each one may make visitors hard to find out one by one. From the decoration styles, the customers and the prices, all the bars are in common.
Sanlitun South Street
Comparing with the noisy atmosphere in Sanlitun North Street, bars in Sanlitun South Street are simple but in different architectural styles. South Sanlitun is more popular among the people in entertainment industry. So south Sanlitun Street is decorated by arts and mysteries. It is strange that the prices in South Street are much lower than that of North Street. But people prefer to go North Street although there may be 15 yuan for a bottle of beer.
Information about the bars in Sanlitun Bars Street
It is called No.52 is because of its location on is s No 52 along this street. Moreover, there are 52 kinds of cocktails from around the world. The whole year is divided into 52 weeks, so customers can taste a different cocktail every week for a whole year. Here the brilliant spot-bands will perform the most advance music. You will release yourself when you keep the time with DJ, Hip Hop, R& B, Techno……
Address: No.52, Sanlitun Street, Chaoyang District
Business hours: 10:00am-2:00am
Live Band: 8:30pm-1:00pm

The wine wood floor, dark wood furniture and the warm fireplace infiltrate the full-bodied Cuba atmosphere. Enjoy the “Soul-time” in awhile.
Address: 1st floor, Qiankun Mansion, No.6, Salitun, Chaoyang District

The Loft

Its charm is on the basis of the dainty music and the polychrome bite and sup. You can taste the cocktail in front of the bar counter or absorb yourself into the Jazz while dining. It is so cozy just like a good friend.
Add: No.18, Sanlitun North Road, Chaoyang Distric

Cross club

The style of sutra, fad and the tradition makes Cross Club a sequester and nostalgic place. It gives prionity to Jazz, accompany with Sax and the English Performance.
Add: No.78, Sanlitun South Road, Chaoyang District


It is an estaminet with the Spain Style.
Add: No.4, Dongdaqiao Xiejie, Choayang District

Boy and Girl
It is a easy-busy social gathering. It is a roomy acting-ground. The famous Party DJ, Musicians, Arts, Persi, Playactors, Businessmen, Overseas Chinese…… assemble in the Bar, smiling, observing, perfoming……
Add: No.4, Worker’s Arena North Road


“Comma” means “the pause of one sentence”. As the name of the Bar, It symbolizes the resting place of the busy life. Hope you can gain the different floweriness and brilliant everyday.
Add: No.54, Sanlitun North Street, Chaoyang District

Wing Bar

It is the combination of the West and East, affectionateness and simpleheart, shindy and silence. Inside the bar is the exotic sentiment and outside is the evening scene of Beijing City.
Add: Erxiao East Street, Sanlitun North Street, Chaoyang District

Coattail-butterfly Thailand Restaurant Bar

It offers multi-kinds of service in period of time. In the daytime it not only provides the genuine Thailand Cuisine but also provides Coffee. At evening, it the visage of a Bar.
Add: No.58, Sanlitun South Road, Chaoyang District

Boy and Girl Bar is famous for its live concert. The daily ban performance is attractive for all the guests who love music. Another factor is that some famous Chinese singers had been this pub singer before they became successful.
Add: No.68, Sanlitun North Street, Chaoyang District

The Tree
The Tree Bar gets its name because there are trees in the bar. The boss is a Belgian. The brand drinks here are the traditional Belgian beer and the traditional Italian pizza. It is a heave for foreigners.
Add: Houjie, Sanlitun North Street. Chaoyang District

Day off
It’s actually a disco bar, you can even hear and see a bunch of people singing & dancing from the street. The bar is designed & decorated somehow like Western custom in the US. U-shaped bar table and brown chair make the bar easy but feels good. It attracts many foreign visitors and young people e
Address: No.64, Sanlitun Bar street, Chaoyang district
Business hours:
Average cost: RMB300

Downtown Café & Bar
The entrance is decorated in both red & yellow, not fancy just mellow. Tables & chairs are all in blue. Golden stage, pretty singer …… You might want to stay a long time. Using bold colors to make a statement, the entrance is decorated in red and yellow and the tables and chairs are blue. This bright yet relaxing venue serves as a cafe by day and bar by night. A very mellow and welcoming place, some of the best food on the street. Catch a live belly dancing performance at 9pm.
Address: No.26, Sanlitun North street,Chaoyang district
Business hours: 10:00am –2:00am
Live Band: everyday

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