Houhai is an integral part of Shichahai. Its total area is 146.7 hectares, of which the waters area is 34 hectares, green area is 11.5 hectares. This is the ancient waters in Beijing 700 years ago during the period of Dadu. In fact, it is a huge artificial lake, is the royal exclusive pool in ancient time.

Houhai is located in the center of Beijing; it’s only four or five stations from Tiananmen. It link with Beihai, and relatively distant from Jingshan and Summer Palace. It is the marvelous place that with water and be able to view mountains, weeping willows whisk coast idle land, residents around the palace and former residence are required to elaborate the history of Beijing City and the endless charm. People come here for hearing the crisp autumn where the insects are still able to see the old Beijing courtyard buildings in miniature, still able to feel and that seems to have the royal vestiges and remains.

In recent years it has become famous for nightlife because it is home to several popular restaurants, bars and cafes. Until recently Houhai only consisted of a few restaurants. Houhai first become popular with modern establishments on the newly constructed Lotus Lane in 2003.