China Science and Technology Museum

The China Science and Technology Museum is a major science museum established in 1988 in Beijing. It is located at 1 Beisanhuan Zhonglu (Beisanhuan at Anhua Qiao – look for the geodesic dome), Xicheng District.
The museum contains two separate buildings, Hall I & II.
Hall I was completed in 1988, and the museum exhibits ancient Chinese technology such as astronomy devices, the compass, gunpowder, bronze smelting and casting and paper production.
Its main structure is in the shape of a single gigantic cube which combines the scientific thinking of the ancient Chinese with the features of a modern science and technology museum, and the entire structure is divided into a number of building blocks that occlude each other like toy bricks, making it appear like a huge cubic jigsaw puzzle. Such a structure is symbolic of the fact that science has no absolute boundaries and that different disciplines intermingle and promote each other.
Hall II, completed in 2000, displays topics concerning astronautics, energy, communications, material science and mechanics, electromagnetism, acoustics, optics, nuclear technology, information technology, life science and environmental science.  In concert with the themes of modern science, it is in the form of a Geodesic Dome.
How to get there:
Take Sub-way Line 8 to "Olympic Green" Station and walk towards northeast for about 13 minutes.
Take Sub-way line 8 to "South Gate of Forest Park" Station and walk towards southeast for about 10 minutes.
Take Sub-way line 5 to "Da Tun Lu Dong" Station, get out from the A1 exit, and transfer to No.538 Bus to "Bei Chen Dong Road" Station, and walk towards north for about 12 minutes.
Take 328, 379, 419, 484, 628, 751, 913 to "Wa Li Nan Kou" Station and walk towards north for about 6 minutes.
Take 425, 518, 630, 695, 836, 949 or Yun Tong 110 to "Bao Fang" Station and walk towards northwest for about 10 minutes.
Take 466, 653, 758, 984, 985 or BRT Line 3 to "Hui Zhong Bei Li" Station and walk towards northwest for about 10 minutes.
Take 108, 124, 415, 417, 426,538, 803 to "Da Tun Nan" Station and walk towards northwest about 13 minutes.
Add: No. 5, Bei Chen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Working Hours: from Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 - 16:30 (open on Mondays during Statutory holidays and Summer vacation)