China Ethnic Culture Park

The Chinese Ethnic Culture Park, also called China Nationalities Museum is a museum in Beijing, China, located just to the west of the Olympic Green. The huge park has been a labor of love and precisely re-creates life in all 56 of China's ethnic groups. It provides a facility and base for the protection, presentation and exchange of ethnic culture heritage. It is the window of ethnic policy of the government, harmony and progress of 56 nationalities in China.
The goal of this museum
The goals and principles for the Chinese Nationalities Museum is to demonstrate ethical architecture, to preserve ethical relics, to spread ethical knowledge, to study ethical heritage, to enhance ethical culture and to promote unity of all Chinese nationalities.
As stated on its website, the museum's goals are as follows:
  • To demonstrate ethical [sic] architecture
  • To preserve ethical [sic] relics
  • To spread ethical [sic] knowledge
  • To study ethical [sic] heritage
  • To enhance ethical [sic] culture
  • To promote unity of all Chinese nationalities
Construction of the museum
The museum is located at the west of Beijing National Olympic Park. The total area of 50 hectare hosted the exhibits and villages of 56 nationalities. Over 40 villages, over 100 sceneries, 200 ethnic houses and 2 main exhibition halls have been constructed in the park. The total investment for the park is over 800 million Yuan. The construction for remaining sites was completed before 2008. The construction of the museum had been listed as the key project for eighth five-year plan and the site to celebrate the 50th National Days. The municipal government, the government of ethnic areas, peoples from all areas and oversea Chinese are supportive and participative for this project. Many of them made their contribution for the project.
The construction of the Chinese Nationalities Museum was started in October 1992. The North Section was accomplished and opened to tourists on June 18, 1994. The South Section was opened in September 2001.
The museum has also collected approximately 100,000 cultural relics, and exhibits items representing the daily life of China's ethnic groups.
The Chinese Nationalities Museum presents various kinds of theme exhibitions and festival ceremonies to the public. The presentation includes environment settings, architecture, singing, dancing, farming activities, diet, and traditional handicraft, etc.
With exhibition halls and villages for various nationalities, the fifty-six nationalities in China have had their own culture activity center. The Chinese Nationalities Museum is a home for all nationalities in China; an encyclopedia for understanding the Chinese ethical cultures; a kaleidoscope for the Chinese people. Tens of thousands of Chinese and foreign guests have come here to experience the ethical customs and cultures. It is a place for both international friends and Chinese nationalities to celebrate their festivals. Over 100 thousand ethical relics have been well preserved and tourists can enjoy over rich ethical food and handicraft.