Beijing Jingdong Canyon Scenic Area

Beijing Jingdong Canyon Scenic Area locates in the east part of Heidouyu Village in Pinggu District, 90 kilometers away from Beijing city proper. This area boasts of various splendid natural sceneries including green mountain and crystal water, caves and ponds, waterfalls and springs. Reputed as the “first cave under the sun”, Jingdong Canyon Scenic Area has been existed for more than 1.5 billion years ago with splendid view of stalagmite, stalactite, stone pipe, stone flower and so on.
Jingdong Canyon scenic area, located north of Yuzishan Village, is composed of two scenic areas - the Grand Canyon and Jingtai Mountain. The scenic area is adjacent to Panshan Mountain in the south, and to the Huangyaguan Great Wall and the Eastern Tombs of the Qing Dynasty in the east, and is about 82 kilometers from downtown Beijing.
What can you see
Jingdong Canyon Scenic Area presents different scenes for tourists in different seasons. Travellers can see colorful flowers covering the ground as a natural carpet in spring season; green mountains and cool water which can help you get rid of summer heat in summer time; red and golden leaves with ripe fruits in autumn season; pure white carpet that colored by snow and ice in winter time.
Jingdong Great Limestone Cave
Jingdong Great Limestone Cave is known as Number One Ancient Cave under Heaven because of the grotesque rocks in the cave and their age 1.5 billion years old. In the cave there are various limestone formations, such as tubes, bamboo shoots, pearls, stalactites, pagodas, figures, animals, and flowers.
Add: Yuzishan Village, Shandongzhuang County, Pinggu District, Beijing
Admission: RMB 30
How to arrive there:
Bus918 from Dongzhimen 7:30-16:00 30yuan
Bus 14 from Dongdaqiao 7:30-16:00 40yuan
Bus 111 from Chongwenmen 7:30-16:00 40yuan
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