Beijing Film Tourism City

If you have interested in film of China, Beijing Film Tourism City will be a good choice for you. Beijing Film Tourism City, as its name referred, is an attraction integrating sightseeing, film and series related activities and Chinese entertainment culture. The city, whose name was inscribed personally by President Jiang Zemin in 1993, was awarded by Beijing Haidian District Bureau of Tourism the "Designated Scientific and Technological Tourism Destination in Zhongguancun" and the "Haidian District Scientific Knowledge Popularization Education Base for Youngsters".
The city consists theme gardens as well as Rongguo and Ningguo mansions, where much of the movie Dream in the Red Chambers was filmed. Other theme areas include Magic Forest, antiques- streets from the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and what is called the Battle City of Laser Gun.
More than 300 films and TV plays have been shot here, including Camel Xiangzi ( Luo Tuo Xiang Zi ), Tea House, Past Things in the Southern City. In the city you will be given an idea of what happens behind the camera when a movie is in production. You can also take photographs with actors in their club, and even play a fun role as James 007 Bond in Battle City. And if you are ambitious enough to want to direct a movie, you can try it here. Who knows? You might just be another Otto Preminger.
Here, you can not only learn about the mystiques behind the screen, but also participate in a variety of entertaining programs, which include touring Beijing and the World on a "flying carpet" which features special visual effects, participating in a simulated shooting of TV skit, allowing you to experience freely the charm of movie.
Address: No. 77 (in Beijing Film Studio), N. 3rd Ring Rd Middle, Haidian District, Beijing
Opening hours: 7:00-17:00